Central America has many exciting destinations.

If you are interested in Honduras, Roatan, Guatemala, Nicaragua or Panama,
Susan of Romantic Travel Boutique can customize your Romantic Holiday.

Belize and Costa Rica’s diverse options can make planning a trip an adventure in itself. I custom design itineraries specially suited to your personal tastes and interests.


Belize is a treasure trove of fascinating stories, with each account beckoning the adventurer in you to delve deeper into the mysteries that define Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret, a romantic destination that is best described as an experience and not just a getaway.

It boasts several spectacular sites along the second longest barrier reef in the world, including he world-famous Blue Hole, the beloved Shark Ray Alley and a plethora of unique marine life. It's no wonder Belize is praised as a sea-loveer's paradise.

This is a rewarding, authentic destination for romantic travelers in search of unique, intimate experiences in a Caribbean/Central American getaway. A Belize vacation will stir your soul, expand your mind and change your life.

Serenely situated in one of the last unspoiled places on earth, you can easily tour Belize’s rain forests, dive the Western Hemisphere’s largest barrier reef or explore mystical Mayan temples – all during the same adventure.

The multitude of experiences offered by this compact paradise refreshes travelers of all kinds. A single day can take you cross-country through temple tours to marina-side martinis overlooking turquoise water.

Belize is renowned for both its preserved ancient treasures as well as its welcoming residents – often referred to as the country’s greatest natural resource. An enduring commitment to preservation of Belizean lands and waters inspires a genuine and intimate connection with Belize.



Embrace romance, kindle true love and reward yourself with intimacy in an authentic Caribbean paradise and one of the last unspoiled places on earth … Belize.

You yearn for a romantic vacation. Belize provides more – a state of being, where romance is warmed by turquoise waters, caressed by Caribbean sea breezes and touched by mystical powers of ancient Maya.

Belize, just a two-hour flight from the U.S., is perfect for a couple’s getaway, a destination wedding or an anniversary celebration.

Indulge in the romantic charms of Belize. Hike hand-in-hand in lush rainforests. Stroll remote island beaches. Explore awe-inspiring archaeology. Dive into invigorating water activities. Luxuriate in divine food. Be moved by soul-stirring music.

Stay for a week, love for a lifetime. Become one with your partner … and become one with Belize.


Bienvenidos To Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a fascinating international destination with authentic, undiscovered attractions bursting with wildlife and activities for adventurers of every interest and skill level. Few places on Earth contain such wildlife and environmental diversity where a short ride or walk presents different habitats, weather and opportunities.

Vacationing in Costa Rica can be described as visiting the best amusement park because of the aboundance and variety of options in so beautiful a setting without long lines. Whether enjoying your favorite pastimes or trying something new, Costa Rica provides a special background.

Enjoy rain forest or volcano trekking, birding, wildlife, canopy ziplining, whitewater rafting/kayaking, sea kayaking, scuba, snorkeling, surfing windsurfing, picnic cruises, fishing, golf, horseback riding, mountain biking and more. Activities can be arranged in any any combination and for one-day or multi-day adventures.

Enhancing the natural attractions of this holiday paradise are the good natured Costa Rican people who possess a relaxed lifestyle and enviable attitude expressed by their catch-all-phrase "Pura Vida" or "Pure Life" which concisely blends the spirits of, "Let the good times roll, Hang loose, Don't worry, be happy..."


An Intimate Paradise
Romance, tranquility and seclusion are three things you will not have trouble finding in this breathtakingly beautiful country.  Whether you are looking for an intimate natural hide-away or a luxurious pampering retreat, the beauty, rich culture and excitement of Costa Rica is the perfect setting for unforgettable memories.  If you are beginning a new life together or just looking to spend time with someone you love, this exotic location has all of the options and accommodations available to create the romantic holiday of your dreams.



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