You have dreamed of visiting Italy, but you only have 10 days vacation

Begin by organizing your thoughts on paper, allowing for at least two days in each city, and remember to allow for travel days between cities. For a customized tour, this is the best way to plan a trip with the following sample, and help you decide your "must see and do" cities. Our Destination Specialist can customize your trip, adding options you never dreamed of and share her personal knowledge of Italy, providing you with the trip of a lifetime!

  1. Depart USA
  2. Arrive Venice
  3. Venice
  4. Train to Florence
  5. Florence
  6. Florence (tour of Tuscany)
  7. Train to Rome
  8. Rome
  9. Depart for USA

Romantic Travel Boutique  will help to take away the stress out of planning your getaway. How? Well, you are looking for relaxation and thinking of maybe a little adventure. Great, what do you do now? We will provide a customize getaway that will match your needs with options you never dreamed of.

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Europe is for the "active" traveler

Very few people go to relax on the beach or swim in the ocean. Most beaches are made up of lots of pebbles and very uncomfortable to lay on with only a towel. Important to remember that flights depart at night, arrive the next morning, and departing Europe you will arrive home the same day. To fully enjoy your trip,you should plan to spend 10 days or more.

There are 5 ways to see Europe:

  • Motorcoach
  • Hosted
  • River Cruising
  • Ocean Cruise
  • Customized

Motorcoach - is very efficient and time managed travel.  Your transportation, hotels, meals and tours are included in the cost. Several tour companies offer varied experiences, modes of transport, "back door" access, and private tours.  All you need to do is relax and enjoy the fun.

Rivercruising - provides a relaxing way of seeing the countryside and docking in beautiful old cities along the riverbanks. This is a relaxed, slow means of travel. During the day, enjoy the view of the beautiful scenery, ancient historical towns and vineyards as you slowly cruise along the river.  A great way to immerse yourself in the culture with special activities, cooking classes or wine and cheese tasting.  All inclusive pricing with motorcoarch excursions to nearby cities, and enjoy meals with wine included. The choice is yours, enjoy the on ship entertainment at night, or take a walk into town to experience the local "flavor".

Ocean Cruising (my opinion) it is all about the ship. It is "a taste of Europe".  You will experience memorable, picturesque moments as you enter Venice, however Rome is hours away from the port. Large ship cruising can be relaxing, or you can take part in the many onboard activities; an added bonus is that you unpack once, while visiting different countries.

Customized - the choice is yours - "planes, trains and automobiles".  If you are an independent, adventurous traveler, itineraries can be arranged with car rentals, or train journeys to suit your schedule and wish list.

Hosted - a type of customized trip, where you will travel with a set itinerary and tours, however you travel alone. In each city you visit, a host will meet you and provide information and the vouchers you will need for that particular city. This is a wonderful way to travel independently but enjoy the services of your own personal "host" to answer questions or if you need help.

"Ready to get started?"  Email info to request a complimentary 20-minute plannng session.  In this session we will look at your needs, must-haves desires and budget.  We'll brainstorm ideas, give you an idea of costs and decide if we are a good fit for each other.