Not interested in trampled territory?
Take the Journey less traveled.....

Romantic Travel Boutique by Susan helps takes the stress out of planning your getaway. How? Well, you are looking for relaxation and thinking of maybe a little adventure. Great, what do you do now? As a travel consultant, Susan will provide a customize getaway that will match your needs with options you never dreamed of.

Have you alway dreamed of going on Safari? 
Cruising the Greek Islands on a private yacht?
Maybe drive over the sand dunes to an oasis picnic on an oriental rug? 

What is your dream?  



I think deep in everyones heart they would love to go on safari.

Visit the historical UNESCO sights of Ethiopia and the Big 5 animals on safari game drives in Kenya and Tanzania. A unique experience awaits you in Uganda combining safari game drives with Gorilla and Chimpanzee Treks. South Africa combines the cosmopolitan coastal city of Cape Town with game safaris in National Parks and Private Game Reserves. Spectacular Victoria Falls awaits you in Zimbabwe, the ancient desert of Namibia and Safari Boat Cruises in Botswana are other destinations that you and your honey will long remember on each and every anniversary.

Yacht Cruising

 Did you ever want to live as a "Millionaire"?
Or maybe you are a "Millionaire"!

From my personal experience in St Tropez, people at the waterfront love to watch the yachts dock just to see who is coming off the ship. To them everyone is a millionaire or a movie star.

Here is an example: 
Monte Carlo, Nice, St.Tropez, Corsica

Or maybe you would like to rent a "Billionaire Yacht"..... There are plenty to lease in the French Riviera.  Maybe you want to hold a party off of Caan?

Journey of a Lifetime to the Silk Road

The wonders of Central Asia as you step into a reality crafted from fables and fantasies.

Zula is a great friend. From a chance meeting with a tourist as a child and her first "Hello", Zulya was inspired to master foreign languages and explore the world as a devoted travel professional. Fluent in German, Russian, English, Uzbeki and Farsi, she taught languages at Bukhara University in Uzbekistan. She became an interpreter, and then a tour guide for the Uzbek Tourism Ministry escorting journalists, photographers, professors, diplomats and heads of state. After settling in the United States in 2008, Zulya founded Silk Road Treasure Tours.