France is for LOVERS

Food Lovers. Art Lovers. Fashion Lovers. History Lovers. .....What kind of LOVER are you?


Classy. Romantic. Refined.

Three ways to describe France.

French culture is a cornucopia of everything that satisfies the mind and the senses, and embraces everything from literature, architecture, art and design, crafts, engineering and science, and fashion, to performing arts such classical music, opera, and ballet. as well as sport . It is polyvalent and is enriched by a variety of traditions and values from a multiplicity of indigenous sources that give it character, panache and individuality.


Top Things to Do in France



The Louvre Museum is the home to art's most photogenic beauties—the Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory, and the Mona Lisa—this is not only the largest palace in France but also the most important museum in the world.



The famous Palace of Versailles once heart of the French monarchical court and home to royal families starting from the age of Louis XIV till that of Louis XVI whose time saw the beginning of the French Revolution. You will discover the grand apartments of the king and queen the Hall of Mirrors which was the setting of many royal ceremonies and the remarkable gardens which occupy nearly 2000 acres of land.



Triply famous for its peerless stained-glass windows, as the resting place for an important relic of the Virgin Mary, and as the birthplace of High Gothic, Chartres is more than a cathedral—it's a spiritual experience.



An 8-acre "Monet," these lush gardens were works of art the Impressionist master spent years perfecting before he began re-creating them on canvas. The colors radiate best on sunny spring days.



Half bridge, half pleasure palace, this "queen of the châteaux" was presided over by six remarkable women. It was Catherine de' Medici who brilliantly enlarged it to span the River Cher in homage to the Ponte Vecchio of her native Florence.


Once seen, never forgotten, this Romanesque abbey rises from its bay like a shimmering apparition, becoming an island at high tide. French and English fought to dominate the "rock" until the 13th century, when it was crowned with a splendid Gothic church.



The cosmopolitan seat of Europe's Parliament, this fascinating mix of half-timber houses and modern glass buildings was fought over by France and Germany—a battle that resulted in a rich intertwining of cultures.



Single-handedly propelled from sleepy hamlet to glamorous resort by Brigitte Bardot, St-Trop today heaves with crowds of petulant glitterati. Chill out in the quiet pastel-hue alleys of La Ponche quarter.



The second-largest city in France, Lyon vies with Paris as the country's true gastronomic capital—gourmands flock here for its galaxy of multistar superchefs and cozy bouchons (taverns).



At the heart of some of the world's most esteemed vineyards, this atmospheric town is inextricably linked with the wine trade, especially during the annual auction at Beaune's beautiful 15th-century Hôtel-Dieu.


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