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Discover the aloha spirit of the Hawaiian Islands


    Hawai'i's Island of Discovery

 WITH ITS ENDLESS WITH SHADES OF GREEN, SOARING CLIFFS and dramatic canyons, Kaua'i invites you to renew your connections with nature-again and again.

"The Garden Isle" is an emerald treasure, a place to rejuvenate body and spirit among serene tropical rivers and uncrowded crescent-shaped beaches.  The oldest and northernmost of the Hawaiian Islands, Kaua'i combines adventure, enchantment and 360-degree natural beauty.  A peaceful escape from your busy life, Kaua'i's tantalizing environment and relaxed island pace is ideal for rediscovering and savoring what's truly important.

     The Heart of Hawai'i

FROM THE GLAMOROUS SHOPS OF WAIKIKI TO the surf towns of the North Shore, O'ahu is a jewelbox of unique experiences.  Below precipitous green cliffs, secluded beaches line the shore and invite kayakers and picnickers.  Botanical gardens and protected bays shelter lush Island plants and marine lfe.  Rustic towns, renowned surfing beaches, cultural treasures and quaint shops populate the Island's nrth side.  Follow the ribbon of highway through O'ahu's plantations heritage and into historic Pearl Harbor.  Join other world travelers on the bustling streets of cosmopolitan Honolulu.  Wherever you go, allow time to savor the unique character of each part of the Island, to visit the shops, dine in the local hotspots and take in the stunning vistas.



    Hawaiian by Nature

MAGNIFICENT MOLOKA'I PRESERVES AND HONORS the traditions of 'old-style Hawai'i.  Accessible by air from Kohului or by ferry from Lihaini, this small, pristine Island is prtected by 28 miles of fringed reef on the southern shore and three miles of white sand on the sestern shore.  The world's argest sea cliffs tower above turquoise water and a 250-foot jungle wterfall plunges to a pool below.  Hiking, mule riding, kayakingand extrordinary snorkeling open a window onto an Island undisturbed by time, where a simpler wy of life thrives in an enlightened atmosphere of culture and nature.



      The Magic Isle

Green flanked mountains slope towards the sparkling seas, waterfalls, splash into refreshing pools and deep valleys offer a taste of history and adventure.  Inhale the delicious Island air and feel the relaxation begin.  Luxury resorts, sparkling boutiques and five-star dining share the landscape with charming small towns, neighboring Islands and pristine beaches.  Rising above Maui's coastal beauty, scenic Haleakala greets the sun each morning.  Follow the winding road to Hana.  Learn the magic of 'Iao Vally.  Indulge in the delectable flavors of fusion cuisine and local specialties.  Sail into the sunset.  Be spontaneous:  you're on Maui!



The Big Island of Adventure

HAWAII ISLAND IS A LANDSCAPE UNDER CONSTRUCTIONS.  From beneath enormous Kilauea, molten lava flows upward from the earth's core and then oozes down long slopes into the sea to further expand the shoreline of the largest and youngest of the Hawaiian Islands.  Along with the wonder of the new, the island of Hawai'i has beiau (temples), rich culture and timeless beauty.  Wide-open spaces and uncrowded natural landscapes invite exploration as the sweet tropical air invigorates body and spirit.  There is no place on earth like Hawai'i Island.




       Hawai'i's Most Enticing Island

LANA'I IS AN ISLAND OF RARE DELIGHTS: ENTICING dazzling vistas.  There are no traffic lights here, and no crowds.  Just a few fortunate visitors enjoying the luxurious rewards of an ideal getaway: gracious accommodations, quiet backcountry roads, welcoming beaches. Embrace Lana'i and you'll find easy adventure and tremendous relaxations-all the pleasures of a truly restorative vacations.


"Ready to get started?" I offer a complimentary 20-minute, "2 heads are better than 1" plannng session. In this session we will look at your travel budget, needs, must-haves and desires. We'll brainstorm ideas, I'll give you an idea of costs and we can decide if we are a good fit for each other.

There is no charge for this session, and it'll give you some good ideas to move forward. Feel free to take me up on this, as I really enjoy meeting people and helping them create the journey of their dreams.

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